Museum School

Foundation Phase Themes

Term One


They are mammals and have special adaptations that help them survive in the sea. Let's talk about how they hunt, reproduce, their enemies and what we can do to protect them.


Crocodiles are beautiful reptiles. Discuss their habitat, diet and whether they are really cranky creatures. Learn how they reproduce and care for their young.

Term Two


Starfish are endangered creatures. Talk about where they are found, what they eat, how they reproduce and who their family members are. Discover the different types of starfish, their enemies and how they protect themselves.


Sharks are fish, discover what makes them unique. Learn about their exceptional features, what they eat and how they reproduce. Who are their enemies, how they protect themselves and what is their role in the marine environment.

Term Three


Come on in and you'll get all the basic dolphin facts, including how fast they swim, how they care for their young, what they eat, and where they can be found. You'll also learn about echolocation, their behaviour and intelligence.


Learn about life in the wild for seabirds. Let us talk about what they eat, camouflage, adaptations and their family life. Let us discuss what threatens their existence.

Term Four

Tortoise, Terrapins & Turtles

Time to learn about Chelonians (reptiles with shells on their backs)! Discover their preferred habitats, amazing adaptations, diet and reproduction. Discuss how these prehistoric creatures have survived for millions of years.


Snakes are reptiles. Are all snakes constrictors? Learn about their special characteristics and adaptations. Discuss how they use these adaptations in their habitat to find food and defend themselves.

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