Snake Park
Snake Park

Snapping Turtle

Common Name: Snapping Turtle  

Scientific Name: Chelydra serpentina

Diet: Their diet consists of plants, insects, worms, snakes, fish and other small animals.

Overview: The snapping turtle  is a species of large freshwater turtle

Reproduction: This species mates from April through November, with their peak laying season in June and July. The female can hold sperm for several seasons, using it as necessary. Females travel overland to find sandy soil in which to lay their eggs, often some distance from the water. After digging a hole, the female typically deposits 25 to 80 eggs each year, guiding them into the nest with her hind feet and covering them with sand for incubation and protection.

Natural Enemies: Common snapping turtles have few predators when older, but eggs are subject to predation by crows

Conservation Status and Threats: The species has declined sufficiently due to pressure from the collection for the pet trade and habitat degradation.

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