Snake Park
Snake Park

Marsh Terrapin

Common Name: Marsh Terrapin

Scientific Name: African helmeted turtle (Pelomedusa subrufa)

Diet: Marsh Terrapins are omnivorous eaters and will eat almost anything. It may feed on carrion. The fine claws on its feet help it tear its prey apart.

Overview: The marsh terrapin is typically a rather small turtle, with most individuals being less than 20 cm

Reproduction: Courtship is held year-round. The female will lay two to ten eggs on average, normally during late spring and early summer.

Natural Enemies: Nesting terrapin females are vulnerable to predation by raccoons. Eggs and hatchlings are preyed upon by a wide variety of animals including crabs, crows, gulls, herons, rats, muskrats, foxes, raccoons, skunks and mink.

Conservation Status and Threats: Conservation status varies. Major threats to terrapins include commercial collection for food, habitat destruction, drowning in fishing gear, and road mortality.

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