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Bayworld welcomes visitors of all ages to learn and engage with our various exhibits, displays and interactions.

Since its opening, the Bayworld Museum has been facilitating thousands of exciting adventures through the conservation of environmental, natural and cultural history to those in the Nelson Mandela Bay region – and further!

While the formal renaming of Bayworld only took place in 1999, the roots of this historical landsite extend all the way back to 1856! Read more about the dynamic history of the Bayworld here.

From our interchangeable temporary displays to our unique outdoor dinosaur exhibit, aquarium and oceanarium, Bayworld promises a fun-filled experience for the whole family.

We offer inclusive and special needs educational programmes to educate children about our cultural history, environmental and natural conservation, and marine life among other topics.

The live entertainment shows include our seal and penguin presentations, snake interactions, marine and herpetology tours among so much more!

Fun fact: the Bayworld Museum Snake Park is the oldest snake park in South Africa having opened its doors in 1919. We now have a vast collection of reptiles, tortoises, large crocodiles, pythons and deadly venomous snakes!

Apart from our research and educational and conservation programmes, Bayworld also partakes in numerous rehabilitations of stranded animals to nurse them back to health and release them back into the wild.

The Bayworld facilities are also available for rental for wedding receptions, conferences, birthday parties, training and so much more.

Contact us to find out more about our numerous educational, research, conservation and heritage programmes – there is something for everyone at Bayworld.


At Bayworld, we aspire to be a Beacon in the Bay setting a positive example for the conservation and protection of knowledge, the environment and cultural heritage to inspire those around us to do the same.


We will achieve this vision by being a Centre of Excellence with a dynamic focus on consolidating the past and present through the creation of museum collections and dissemination of knowledge. In doing so, it is our goal to stimulate a better understanding of humankind and its impact on the environment.

The research efforts at Bayworld are focused on marine science, herpetology, marine archaeology and local history to disseminate enriched knowledge on both natural and cultural diversity within the Nelson Mandela Bay region and beyond.

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