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Snake Park

Berg Adder

Common Name: Berg Adder

Scientific Name: Bitis atropos

Diet: The neurotoxic venom is an adaptation to the prey, which largely comprise rock lizards and small amphibians. It does, however, also eat other animals, such as small rodents and young of ground-nesting birds. 

Overview: The Berg Adder is a small, venomous viper species endemic to mountainous regions in southern Africa. The typical adult size is 30–40 cm) in total length (body and tail), with some females reaching a maximum total length of 50 cm in the wild and 60 cm in captivity.

Reproduction: Young are born in late summer. The average litter size is seven, but maybe as many as 15

Conservation Status and Threats:  It’s usually found in mountainous regions and at sea level, such as the Cape coast, where they lie in thick fynbos.

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