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Snake Park

Puff Adder

Common Name: Puff Adder

Scientific Name: Bitis arietans

Diet: Their prey includes mammals, birds, amphibians, and lizards.

Overview: Puff adders are stocky snakes that rarely reach over a meter in length but have been known to reach up to 1.5 meters and weigh 4.5 to 6.8 kilograms.

Reproduction: Mating typically occurs between October and December, and females typically give birth in April. Females can have from 20-40 offspring per litter, and have been known to expel unfertilized eggs while birthing the live offspring.

Natural Enemies: Known Predators; Snake Eagles, Secretary Birds, Ground hornbills, Warthogs, Honey Badgers, Cape Cobras

Conservation Status and Threats: This species is probably the most common and widespread snake in Africa. It is found in all habitats except true deserts, rainforests, and (tropical) alpine habitats.

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