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Snake Park

Russian Rat Snake

Common Name: Russian Rat Snake

Scientific Name: Elaphe schrenckii

Diet: Wild rat snakes consume birds, eggs, rodents and lizards, but captive grey rat snakes should be fed frozen-thawed rodents on a regular schedule

OverviewIt is among the largest and most robust of all the rat snake species. It varies greatly in colouration, from creme saddles to dark brown saddles. Many captive-bred specimens have been line bred to produce clean yellow saddles. 

Reproduction: Adult females lay from 6 to 30 eggs in June or July.

Natural Enemies: Foxes, raccoons, owls, and hawks commonly eat them.

Conservation Status and Threats: This species inhabits fairly moist biotopes such as forest clearings, scrub, farmland, hiding amongst cavities in trees, piles of stone or wood, and when threatened can flee up a tree or into the water.

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