Bayworld Research


Bayworld is part of a network of four museums in the Eastern Cape with active research departments. Research is one of the core functions of Bayworld and has continued since the appointment of F.W. Fitzsimons as director of the institution in 1906. A wide variety of research takes place, including fundamental, interpretive and applied work. However, research activity centres on the institution’s major non-living and living collections: marine mammalogy, herpetology, cultural history, otoliths and squid beaks.

Bayworld promotes the dissemination of knowledge by reporting scientific discoveries in appropriate media, through teaching and by making its collections available to students and researchers from other institutions. Furthermore, a day seldom passes when Bayworld is not thronged with children of all ages and cultures participating in an important learning experience.

An important part of the research is the associated natural and cultural history collections. Objects, specimens or examples that form part of these through collecting trips, by donation, bequest, purchase, loan or exchange. The collecting policy reflects the particular status and strengths of its collections. The Museum's scientific collections are curated and documented according to international to ascertain that they constitute a permanent record of the natural and cultural assets of mankind.

Please note: Enquiry into collections and requests for loans should be directed to the specific Curator or Collections Manager. All collections are managed by our collection staff:

Collection Manager Collections Assistant
Vacant Vanessa Isaacs


Bayworld staff conduct research in four primary fields:


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